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Knitting Update: Four Projects

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Yarn Love 1

Knitting Update: Four Projects

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Yarn Love 1

Just drying:

- Sweater for my dad. All the ends were already woven in, it just needed to be blocked. I blocked it yesterday. I didn’t have measurements, so I’m just hoping I eye-balled it right. If it fits my dad then I will have gotten lucky. If not I’ll block it again. I am very excited to be almost done with this project.


Needs sleeves:

- Bella Paquita. I put it down after I finished the body, then moved houses and yarn stashes and somewhere in there lost my pattern notes. Darn. So this project has been languishing. I’m printing the pattern out again today. Hopefully I’ll get the sleeves done soon. Why do I have a thing against sleeves? Maybe it is because they are evil. It is such a pretty little vest so far...


Finish grafting:

- Devil Hat. I am making a devil hat for my girlfriend Terri. She requested a hat so here we are. I believe the yarn is Cascade Sierra Quarto in a red that has a few plys of orange. It is an awesome color find for a devil hat because it really looks a little firey. It knits up pretty well but the plys tend to split. I am worried that the hat might snag easily at some point. It has ear flaps and a basic hat shape I just improvised. Size 4 and 5 needles. I finished knitting the little horns yesterday on size 1 double pointed needles. I used the last few rows of the horns from the Devil Hat in DomiKNITrix byt Jennifer Stafford to make little horn nubbins that are very cute. The shaping of the horns is really great. To finish I need to weave in ends and graft the horns onto the hat. I am looking at the grafting of these tiny things as an upcoming exercize in patience.


Currently working on:

- Fair Isle Rapids scarf. I am enjoying this project immensely. I am using the blue alpaca merino blend handspun yarn that I bought at an agricultural fair in NZ with a deep black alpaca background. I am developing my stranded knitting skills, which is exciting. I’m still not that great at giving the stitches the right amount of give in the back, but I’m getting better with practice. The handspun blue looks just gorgeous against the black. And the handspun has natural subtle variations as there is more blue or more gray so it gives a ripple effect. It is absolutely wonderful. I’ve almost got the pattern repeat down to memory.

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