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Christmas Knitting and Crocheting

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Yarn Love 1

Christmas Knitting and Crocheting

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Yarn Love 1
There has been a lot of knitting (and crocheting!) going on this Christmas season! Mostly I have been trying to make things using stash. This has the good fortune of reducing my stash as well as saving me money. I did buy polyfill and googlie eyes though... :)

This first entry of the Christmas making will be on the Amigurumi (cute little plushies). I decided to make each of my friends from a particular friend group an ami. The idea was to show them that I value their friendship, save money, and make something personalized.
- For Aileen I made a Panda. The pattern is free and can be found here. It took a long time to make because other things kept interrupting, I had to concentrate so I couldn't crochet it during class, and there were a lot of little pieces. Originally I made the face the pattern calls for, but I didn't really like how it tuned out, it was a bit big. I decided to take off his face and redo. Instead of the crochet eyes I made felt eyes. To make a smaller nose I used 3 plies of the white yarn instead of the original four. This technique worked like a charm to make his nosicle smaller. He is super cute now! Also, as a proud side note, my panda is featured on the ravelry pattern page. I feel so honored!

- For Lena I made the Mario Bros 1up Mushroom. Free pattern can be found here. I was originally worried because I knew I did not have the right color green for the mushroom. I was talking to my roommate and she ran into her room and came out with a leftover ball of just the right color! It was simple and easy to crochet, fun to watch it take shape. The pattern has directions for crocheted spots, but I simply made mine out of white felt.

- For Nutschell I made the Baby Mandrake Root. This is a plant from Harry Potter, perfect gift from one HP fan to another. The pattern can be found here. This was quick to make. I crocheted during a couple meetings and there this little plant was. Funny story about that too. I was using a plastic crochet hook and my tension was so tight that it squeaked while I was crocheting. I had to stop at one point in the meeting because it was a little distracting! :) The tendrils are genius! I used a bit of green I had left from another project that was perfect for the tendrils because it had little flecks in it that looked like leaves. I made the face out of felt using white glue, tacky glue, and clear nail polish. He came out super cute! I bought a little pot from the dollar tree for him to live in.

- For Lexi I made this ladybug. The pattern was excellently written and had a pleasing design. After knitting and crocheting from odd patterns, it was nice to see a free pattern displayed well. Not much to say about this one. I used a pipe cleaner for the antennae instead of wire because I could not find satisfactory wire.

- For Maiko I made a tare panda. I would link to this one, but I'm not sure how I got there and I think it is copyrighted in any case. I plan on making one of these for myself, it is so cute! The pattern was in Japanese, so that made things quite interesting. I figured most things out and fudged the rest. I really like how he turned out and can't wait to make one for myself.

- For Joey I made Adidas shoes. Joey loves shoes, so I thought this would be perfect. I adapted this baby bootie pattern to make an "ami" pair. I isolated the three stitches in the middle on either side of the decreases so that I could make a tongue for the shoe. When the pattern starts the decreases I put the three middle stitches on a holder and the other side of the shoe stitches on a holder as well. I knit the right side of the shoe following the decrease pattern. I put these stitches on hold. Then I put the stitches back on the needle for the other side of the shoe and knit that side. I made a contrasting purl ridge across both the left and right side stitches. This means the back of the shoe is joined. Then I knit the three tongue stitches in seed stitch so it wouldn't curl. I sewed up all the seams including the top of the shoe (where the foot would normally go. I added "laces", some stuffing, and they were done!

- For Chu I made friendship turtles. They were super fun to make. I had some bits of sock yarn in my stash so I used that. I enjoyed doing the color work in the penultimate round of the shell. I had never carried two colors at the same time while crocheting before. Whee!

- For Mo I made another ninja. It is from the book Creepy Cute Crochet. I had bits of ninja in my stash and thought I grabbed a head and a body, but I think I grabbed two bodies. Oops! It looks fine though, and the ninja is just even smarter now with his big head.

I was going to attach pictures to this entry, but it seems livejournal has changed there picture posting options. Pictures are up on ravelry.

That is all for the amis from Christmas. Next up are scarves, a hat, a bag, and a baby blanket.
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