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July 10th, 2007

Knitting Websites

Yarn Love 2
My mom sent me the Stitch and Bitch Day Calendar a few months ago. One of the page themes is Web Sightings which detail all sorts of knitting websites. I wanted to keep track of all of them and thought putting them on the internet would be perfect.

Tata & Tatao's Graph Paper Generator
-knitting graph paper generator based on gauge info in a printable pdf file

-blog of Canadian Stephanie Peral-McPhee

The Yarn Directory
-encyclopedia of fibers

Men Knit
-"Man enough to knit, strong enough to purl"

Micro Revolt
-protest use of sweatshop labor through collective craft-making
-KnitPro online application that turns any digital image into a knitting chart

American Red Cross Museum
-one part history lesson, one part knitting patterns

-Sarah Bradberry's transtlation of vintage knitting terms, patterns

Cast Off
-British knitting group, events, press, album, knitted wedding

-sweater and sock landscape patterns

Afghans for Afghans
-charity creating, well, afghans for Afghans

Brein Met Plezier (Knitting with Pleasure)
-gold mine of knitting charts for kids patterns

Sock Knitters
-patterns, email groups, try "Icicile Socks," "Pumpkin & Candy corn," or "Strawberry Fields"

Yarn Standards
- the Craft Yarn Council of America, loads of helpful info in pdf format

Chick Knits
-how-to section and high-quality patterns to buy

The Mother Bear Project
-grass-roots org donating hand-knit teddy bears to children in need

Certified Instrutctors program
-get certified to teach knitting, 10 teaching tips

The Anticraft
-goth-flavored site

A Stitch in Time
- Connecticut-based voactional trainting program giving disadvantaged young fok an opportunity to learn valuable business skills by running an online retail yarn shop

Knitting Universe
www.knitting universe.com
-official website of Knitters magazine, interactive color wheel, knitter of the year contest, Stitches events

Knit 2 Together
-Knit 2 Together art exhibit, knitting as an end in itself

Well I'm not half way done, and I have other things to attned to, so this entry will be edited soon.

May 13th, 2007


Yarn Love 1
I've been wanting to update for a while but was delaying because I didn't have pictures. I've decided to stop waiting and just gab on about knitting for a while.

I completed a birthday scarf for my friend Jean about two months ago. I used a lime green yarn with little tweedy bits made of wool and a bit of silk. It was really soft and lovely to work with. I used a cable pattern from Cables Untangled except I changed the center pannel to make it more interesting. The center panel is supposed to be four sts of knit but I changed it to k1p2k1. This actually turned out to be a bad thing because it made the scarf curl in on that center panel which means the design is completely hidden when Jean wears the scarf. I learned my lesson! :) She absolutely loves the scarf though, so that always rocks.

I also completed a hat for Irene. I did three new things with the hat, ear flaps, faire isle knitting, and a pom pom. The picture was taken before I put the pompom on. If I can I'm going to get one with the pompom because it really completes the hat. I designed the whole hat myself including the sheep and spiral pattern. I knitted the faire isle too tight which is really typical. It's difficult to get the gauge right when you're going around on 3 double pointed needles. In any case though, it looks fine and only a trained eye would be able to see anything wrong. The yarn is 100% wool although the brand currently escapes me.

I also have started to take out the blue sweater that was monserously too big. I have begun formulating ideas for a new sweater. I don't really like any of the patterns out there, so I'm planning on modifying one from Cables Untangled by using the layout of the sweater and just using a different cable pattern. I did a swatch in an allover pattern that I like, but I'm trepidacious about the pattern working for a whole sweater.

I got a commision project! One of Irene's friends saw me finish her hat and asked if I could make him one. I replied that I would for a price and he agreed. It's going to be in his rugby team's colors with their salmon mascot and BP on it. I got the yarn yesterday and started sketching out ideas, fun times!

February 10th, 2007

Just a note

Yarn Love 1
I made Diana's scarf out of Red Heart Soft Yarn in orange and Lion Brand Wool in Pumpkin col#133.

January 26th, 2007

Triangle Blanket
I have knitted two more triangles in the purple yarn that I used for Heather's bag. With the changes I made I have come up with a pretty good pattern for knitting the triangles. I am really excited about this project as I think it is going to turn out nicely. I still need to figure out the dimensions for the rest of the triangle sizes (I only figured out one triangle size). I also need to get an appropriate box in which to store the triangles until they are all made and I can piece them together.

Blue Bag
I started this bag a looooooong time ago. I hand dyed some lace weight wool yarn. What was I ever thinking? What am I going to do with a pound of lace weight scratchy wool yarn? The colors are very pretty, but the only things I'm planning on making out of the stuff are bags because that's all it's really suited for. So I'm knitting with the inside and outside strands of a ball to knit with two strands of yarn. I don't know what I'm going to do with another bag! I think I may have to give away some of my older bags.

It doesn't fit. My fear that it was too big was confirmed. The next step for the sweater is to frog it. How dissapointing. I cried the night I figured it out. I got all the way to the neckline. Ugh. I'm currently looking for a new sweater pattern. I may have found one, but I'm not entirely sure.

Tweady Cable Blanket
I am making a blanket for Diana and Justin. We went and bought the yarn on Sunday. They picked out a deep forest green color in a tweed, so it has little bobbles of orange and yellow. It will be a fun project and something I can knit through classes.

Rainbow Booty Toe-Up Socks
This was my first time knitting from the toe up. I made one sock, and then had to do other projects, so this project was stashed away. I still intend on making the other sock as the first one is really really cute.

Then there are two upcoming projects that I haven't started yet that I have the yarn for and really want to start because the yarn is so pretty. They are:
I bought three balls of this yarn in a color that can only be described as sunshine. It was so gorgeous and on sale that I couldn't leave it behind. I bought it in Santa Cruz when I went up to visit Laura. My thought is to make it into a scarf, but I'm not too decided yet.

Circular Shawl designed by Elizabeth Zimmerman
My dad got me this hot pink mohair yarn for Christmas. It would be perfect for this shawl. It is a circular shawl, and I've never made anything circular. I've knit in the round, which is close, but not the same. This project will also help me develop my lace knitting abilities. Not only that, but then I would have a hot pink mohair lace shawl and that is just cool.

January 16th, 2007

Traingle Blanket

Yarn Love 1
I have discovered why people do not make knitted triangle blankets. I decided that I did not want to cast on the stitches for the hypotenus of the trinagles and then decrease because I did not want to deal with casting on so many stitches. So I tried to begin from the corner and increase on the sides. I increased on both the beginning and the end of the row for every other row. However, this made a triangle of the wrong dimensions. So I ripped out the triangle and started over. This time I would do a pattern like this
row 1 increase
row 2 no increase
row 3 increase
row 4 no increase
row 5 increase
And repeat. This caused the repeats to sometimes happen next to each other, and for the increases to happen faster, which caused the incline to occur faster. I am going to try this method with a different yarn and diffferent needle size to see if it will still work.

Another problem I ran into is that when I cast off the triangle loosely, the top hypotenus curved. I ripped out the cast off and cast off tightly, which fixed the curve to some degree.

Another problem is that the edges are uneven. I used an increase method where you knit into the front and back of the stitch and I did this to the outermost stitches. I think if I do the increases on stitch in the outer selvages should improve.

January 11th, 2007

I bought a knitting book called Alterknits that has these cute little knitting creativity exersizes in it that are kind of cheesy, but that I like anyway. One of them is called the Knitting Hero and you basically think up a hero for knitting. I was telling my co-workers about the book and the exersize because that's who I share all my knitting geekery with. When I talked about how it would be kind of fun to create a knitting hero Melissa said, "Devon, you're my knitting hero." And I blushed and didn't really know what to say. I consider myself to be on par with Melissa, she can do just as many techniques as I can. But I know that my modesty keeps me from recognizing that I do have talent with knitting. It's not just what I can do, but how I do it. I just feel all warm and fuzzy inside just knowing that I could be someone's knitting hero. Yeah.

I'm currently working on the Mobius collar sweater. I want to finish it soon. I have the body knitted and I just finished the first sleave and started the second sleave today. I think I may actually change the collar, I'm not sure I want to knit the Mobius collar. There are other collars to sweaters that I like better. It does mean that I have to do a little knitting pattern research to look into other collar options. Oh darn, I have to look through knitting patterns. :) I'm really excited about the sweater, but at the same time I want it to be done. I'm also unsure if I have enough yarn left to finish it, which is an unnerving thought, but one that all knitters face when they risk changing yarns from the one specified in the pattern.

I need to get pictures of the bag I made for my sister and the scarf I made for Diana. They are both pretty and I'd like to have pictures of them.

December 23rd, 2006


Yarn Love 1
I made pillows for my three co-workers. Yay!

This is a picture of all three of them.

My favorite is the pink one I made for Dobbie. I used Berrocco's Ultra Alpaca in the pretty pink color. I found a pattern somewhere online for a pillow made with humongous needles and bulky yarn with a cable in the middle and the pretty horseshoe pattern on either side. The pattern was pretty simple, and I'm sure I could find it somewhere else. I added in some more cables to make the pillow wider since I was useing dramatically different size of yarn. The border is a four stitch sead border. I used size 6 circular needles. After it was knitted I blocked it flat. I used a simple pink fabric and made a fitted cover for the pillow. Then I hand sewed the sides of the cover to the sides of the pillow. The knitted part was only a square panel for the front, it did not go around the whole pillow. I think it came out fabulously.

The one in the middle I made for Melissa. She told me to use yarn from my stash, so I used up some of the copious amounts of homespun yarn that I have. I knit two long strips with two strands of yarn on size 15 needles. The darker side was a medium blue solid color with the lighter turquoise yarn. The lighter side is two strands of the turquoise yarn. I knit 14" in seed, then three rows in rib, 14" more, three more rib rows, a few seed rows, a button hole row, and then a castoff row. The rib rows on either ends of the pillow pull the fabric in so that the corners don't poof out. I then sewed up the middle seam with white thread, sewed up the sides, added the buttons and popped in the pillow! For the inside pillow I made a simple blue cover.

The final one I made for Candice. She's difficult to knit for because she's picky. I decided to sew this pillow because I was already sewing the covers for the two pillows above. It was my first "quilting" project. I think the two patterns I picked out worked really well together. The back of the pillow is a solid green. I think I did a great job on it, and she says it goes perfectly with her car, so I know she'll use it at least. :)

I had a great time making the pillows and I think I'll probably make more in the future.

December 18th, 2006


Yarn Love 1
I took a break from the X-mas knitting I've been doing and knitted something for myself from the yarn that my secret pal sent me. It is Noro's Fuji in color 106. The yarn gets really thin and really bulky, which creates a really interesting texture variation.

I made the Calorimetry head scarf from www.knitty.com's winter issue.

I modified the pattern because I was using a vastly different yarn. I checked my gauge and cast on 64 stitches, instead of the 120 suggested. Still though, it came out a bit big. I would cast on 58 next time for this yarn and my head. The short row shapeing was easy and I finished the project in only an hour or so. The yarn was a lot of fun to work with, if a bit difficult at times. Oh, I used size 6 circulars.

The colors are a bit funky for a head scarf thingy, but I still like it anyway. It makes me feel festive. :)

November 20th, 2006

Yellow Purse for Melissa

Yarn Love 1
I knitted this a while ago for Melissa, my co-worker, as a birthday present. I'm finally getting around to posting pictures.

I did design it. I knit a middle panel with a cable in the middle. I then knit a long strap that also served as the sides with a smaller cable pattern there as well.

Ta Da! Purse! One of the easiest things to design. :)

It is made from acrylic yarn. I had it left over from knitting karatestereo his Harry Potter scarf. I still have more of it left over... :)

This is my co-worker Candice modeling the bag for me to give some perspective. I would have had Melissa model it but she refused since she doesn't like having her picture taken. :)

I'm glad I finally got these pictures on here.

In other knitting news:
- I started the bag that will be my sister's Christmas present.
- I bought a book called Cables Untangled that I am falling in love with. It is truly an excellent book. The designs are really unique and fabulous. I want to make all of the projects except a few, and that's very rare for me. It also has a cable reference section in the last half of the book, which will be great for me for designing. Squeal! :)

October 18th, 2006

I haven't written in here in a long time, which I regret. However, I'm going to do a quick update of things I've made recently and things that are still in progress.

Made Recently:
- Yellow Acrylic Cheap Yarn Cable Purse for Melissa
- Varigated Blue Acrylic Yarn Purse for Heather: I knitted a square. Folded three sides of the square in and sewed the seams. Knitted and attached an I-cord handle. Created a chain loop for a button closure and sewed it and the button on the purse. All done!
- One Lorna's Lace Rainbow Sock Yarn Bootie Sock. I still need to make the second one. :) I got toe-up directions off of Knitty.com. After finishing the heel I did five rows of rib and bound off.
- Dishcloths. My coworker Melissa had extra cotton yarn in her stash that she was willing to give to me (free!). I took a few skeins in a blue/green color and a few in red. I made two dishcloths. One is in a pattern and another in seed stitch. They will be X-mas presents but I'm not telling for who yet! :)

Need to Felt:
- LDS Scripture Bag for my LDS scriptures. It is all knitted and all the pieces put together. We'll see how it comes out!

Need to Finish:
- Bag with yarn that I dyed by hand.
- The second rainbow sock.

Currently Working on:
- Sweater with Mobius Collar in the prettiest blue yarn ever! I got the pattern from a Vogue sweater book. The yarn is the stuff that my dad bought for me for my birthday. I'm going to need to get more, so I should get on that. :) There will be much more on this sweater later...

Knitting X-mas to do:
- Purse for my sister from Folk Bags
- Orange scarf for sweetsexysadie
- Something for a doll for my mom

People I need to figure out what to make for them:
- Roommate
- Father
- Stepfather
- Briana
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