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Devon's Knitting Adventure

Bella Paquita, a scarf, and a 50's dude

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Yarn Love 1

Bella Paquita, a scarf, and a 50's dude

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Yarn Love 1
I feel like gabbing about knitting.

I'm currently knitting several things, what a surprise. They are:
- a scarf
- a bag
- a sweater

The scarf is Trendsetter Yarns Tonalita in a pretty blue/gray colorway. In a scarf the color changes happen to give a nice wide stripe that I really like. I knit it in a 3st by 4 row square pattern to keep it from curling with the added bonus that it gives the scarf some texture. All that's left is to weave in the ends and then it is going to be sent off to my friend in NZ who's birthday already passed and where it is getting colder and colder as we get warmer and warmer.

I have finished the knitting bits of the Bob Dobbs Bag that I am knitting for Melissa. This bag is freaking awesome and I am pleased as punch with the way it is turning out. The chart for the 50's dude's face is from Domiknitrix. I used purple for the face, black for the hair and burnt orange for the background. It was the first time I used three colors at once and the technique is technically a combination of stranded knitting and intarsia. I had no guidebook to tell me how to do this, I just wung it. I tried to make sure that the yarn crossed in enough places so that no section of stitches was "unhinged" or flopping to the back of the work. I got better as the knitting progressed and I had a lot of fun doing it. It did take forever, but that is partially because I was learning and would get frustrated and put it aside for a while. I now need to go to JoAnns to get some fabric to line the thing, sew the lining, sew the lining to the bag and it will be done. I am very excited about this one.

I am making my second sweater. The first sweater was Rogue. I started knitting it in an all wool yarn, and because I live in Southern California I decided that actually attaching the arms might mean I would never wear it. So it became a vest. Which is actually pretty neat. I do like it. So my second sweater is a free one.  I think that the chart design was a bit much and that the top part was more tedious than it really needed to be. We shall see. I do like the yarn I am using though. It is some handdyed stuff that Melissa gave me in a pretty blue.
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